K.I.S.S. - Four Easy Steps to the Kissing Success

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LovelyLivvi By LovelyLivvi Updated a year ago
"One week. Kiss as many girls as I can. Come at me bro, I'm irresistible."

Do you know how to kiss? You’ll think twice after you learn Jake’s hilarious ways of getting a good smooch.

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TastyWater TastyWater 8 days ago
Haha I'm feeling so left out here.... I don't get american, British or Australian jokes/terms bc I'm from a totally different country.....
KrazyLoverDreamer KrazyLoverDreamer 21 days ago
My mums asian, my dads britsh or something and im australian
MayritaR MayritaR 22 days ago
@KrazyLoverDreamer hmmm seems like you kinda got the math wrong :-P
_nlouu_ _nlouu_ a month ago
n0..... thAts iMPOsSiBle....... girLs........caNn0t wrITe.........iN a....... mAle'S pERsPECtiVe ?!;!??!!?^!

(note the sarcasm)
jaydelkay430 jaydelkay430 a month ago

There is a special place in helł for me. 
The throne.
starhunter1010 starhunter1010 a month ago
I don't even belong in the Immaturity Section I belong with Satan lol