K.I.S.S. - Four Easy Steps to the Kissing Success

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"One week. Kiss as many girls as I can. Come at me bro, I'm irresistible."

Do you know how to kiss? You’ll think twice after you learn Jake’s hilarious ways of getting a good smooch.

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2012 Watty Award winner. Humor; On the Rise.
I thought of superwoman: COME AT ME BRO, THIS IS SUPERWOMAN 300 VIDIO
Im writing down all the good lines in this book and memorizing them.
The best I could write for a paragraph like this would be:
Da sun be yellow. 
Da ocean be blue.
It be morinin
Ok so far he's my favorite even thought the book barely started
Me in science lessons talking like a weirdo as I hate silence.
Love this so much so far. Guy perspectives are to die for omg