K.I.S.S. - Four Easy Steps to the Kissing Success

"One week. Kiss as many girls as I can. Come at me bro, I'm irresistible." Do you know how to kiss? You’ll think twice after you learn Jake’s hilarious ways of getting a good smooch. © 2011 by LovelyLivvi. All rights reserved. 2012 Watty Award winner. Humor; On the Rise.
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No wonder he's the class clown if he's constantly topped up on sugar. Another drink anyone!
I have to swish the soda around in my mouth before I swallow it. I never understood how people just swallow it like or water - it burns my throat too much.

Pretty much all books (or 98 & 3/4 of them) are written in a female's perspective. It gets boring. Great to see something new
i know it was so awkward, but i pretended that was his dick instead of a pencil..
guys omg, please read the zero books I have it will mean so much! Thank you I love y'all!
I'm American but for some reason i spell words as if I'm from a different country anyway 

I think it's because I'm on wattpad all the time

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