Rejected By My Soulmate

Available to download ( where you can download on all their possible options. Denise Beverly Thomas... She hated her life, even with her brother and his best friend (that she may like). Her life never was perfect. Of course it turned worse when she found her mate. Who was he? Austin Lane. The Alpha of the pack, her brother's best friend...the guy who always made her life a living hell.... and now to continue on with his accomplishment, he rejects her. Just is there a reason behind it all though? (Highest ranks- #1 in Werewolf, #1 in Romance...all the way back around two years ago though. LOL) I'd like to give you guys all a warning that even though many have enjoyed this story, I do not think this is the best I could have done. I had written this back when I was around 12, and all the editing was done by my friends and myself, so there's no promises that grammar would be perfect.
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Ok well I have a feeling that Austin isn't a bad guy so I'm gonna love him from now and not hate him
How come u said she has brown hair then strawberry blond then aurban which one is her real hair color?¿
@ILikeCupcakes No, it's okay :) I should have continued reading and I would have found my answer xD ahaha!
You keep switching between the names Beverley and Denise... It's confusing. It's really so far though :) can't wait to keep reading.
@vampireangel2x yolo doesnt apply to everyone im serious like me i died once when i was little but 2 minutes later i came back.
@ILikeCupcakes hahaha thats ok, I was like... OMG SO CONFUSED, 
thanks for the clarification though (:

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