Parental Control [ Mindless Edition ]

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_AyeeMikaela By _AyeeMikaela Updated a year ago
When 4 , currently famous , boys from the group of Mindless Behavior set up a show called " Parental Control " things take a turn . Keisha Gambler & Walter Millsap , the boys manager , have decided to interview and select prospective partners that meet up with the affections of the boys to replace their current relationship .
KyraEsters KyraEsters a year ago
I think if they connected that well...they should be together
Anais1Jones Anais1Jones a year ago
Please finish I want to see like roc's date or rays date or princeton's date and I wanna know who prod picked
Mimi_Sremmurd Mimi_Sremmurd a year ago
And Taylor Needs To Go Sit Somewhere Her Jealous Lookin A**. Shame On Her
Mimi_Sremmurd Mimi_Sremmurd a year ago
I Hope Prodigy Pick Jessie Cuz They Really Connect. I Wanna See How The Other Guys Gurls Act. Just So Curious. I Can't Wait Till Next Update.
Mimi_Sremmurd Mimi_Sremmurd a year ago
Gurl #5 I Really Like. And Can We Get Pics Of The Gurls They Each Pick Or Something.
_coolkiddtay _coolkiddtay a year ago
Pick Jessie! upset that the bratty girlfriend has my name lol