Satan's Successor (On Hold)

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Alex Beveridge By SteamPoweredBevers Updated 3 years ago
Darius - more widely known as Nero Darke - is a hybrid - half-demon, half-werewolf. His mother was a sick and twisted human, and he is one of the sons of Satan. Unable to adapt to his father's ways, he decided to leave Hell and fend for himself. His family soon followed, and after years of slowly dropping into insanity he burned down his home, killing his mother. He hunted demons and full-breed immortals at a young age, causing his father and twin brother to attempt killing him, and was held in psycho-analysis treatment due to his killing sensations as a late adolescent. An outlaw of his kind, hunted and a target of every immortal known, Darius finds himself training to become the greatest weapon of all. His brother, now an escaped convict, has come after him after many years of being in Hell with his father. But is Darius's demonic twin really the corrupted and evil successor of Satan, or is there another heir after all?
Man, Epic .... Hubba, hubba, hubba ! This is kinda like the Dmc . But hey , don't worry . At least you are being creative with it. Keep it up ! I liked it and it .... wass jammin' ! lol :)
This is DMC fan fiction. You might make that known in the title or description. Its pretty typical for what it is.
This isnt half bad. Your discriptions were of high quality. However  this is way too much like Dmc. It almost seems like you've taken things right from the game. Try not to hold onto DmC stuff for too long.