Destiny of Three

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ElleChanter By ElleChanter Updated 3 years ago
Marcus: A head strong leader who has a cocky personality and parents who don't really know him. He's labeled a delinquent at school by the many teachers he annoys.

Annabeth: The smart and complicated one. Her parents died in an accident right after she was born, throwing her around orphanages. 

Hayden: The careful yet reckless one. His mother died when he was a kid, making him a sensitive case.

Together, these three unlikely friends were destined to change destiny.
Maxxyxxx Maxxyxxx 3 years ago
I was thinking the same thing as scarymm, the characters really stick with you. I love the description, and you're writing style, it sounds really professional.
Maxxyxxx Maxxyxxx 3 years ago
First of all, killer cover page XD Second, I love the intro, so sci-fiish
scarymm scarymm 3 years ago
Really enjoyed the first chapter, you get a real feel for the character :)  Its reminds me of a combination of some really good books that ive read so its something i could really get into :)
Kuubat Kuubat 3 years ago
Two stones collide and the unviverse was born, I must say that is completely original from where I'm standing, no god no big bang, just two stones lol, I like it:)
SilentNiaAngel SilentNiaAngel 3 years ago
I'm captured i really want to know more......... I'm really reading on=) i'm curious about Marcus! MARVELOUS WRITING I'M IMPRESS UR REALLY TALENTED.=) Adding to library...
HoneybeeS HoneybeeS 3 years ago
From the writing style, it looks very proffesional and the story also flows well. The use of description was great and made the story more than interesting to read. Also the dialogue was written well. Not many writers do get that write.