Twisted Fate

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Danigirlrocks By Danigirlrocks Updated 11 months ago
Nightmares, visions, those replaying horror movies in your mind that cause you to be afraid of the one thing you can't escape: Werewolves. For Hazel, there's no place to run, because in the eyes of her friends she is but a mindless monster. And if that weren't hard enough, she's got to deal with her oh-so-sexy overbearing mate.

As if that wasn't bad enough her best friends in love with her, her duties as the future Luna are horrid, and to top it off Hazel has reason to believe her (assumed) dead triplet sister might be the reason why she's having the nightmares. Could the one person she'd forced herself to forget be alive and begging for help?
kitsune107 kitsune107 3 months ago
Aww I feel so bad Hazel,  all she did was teach that jerk a lesson he deserved
kitsune107 kitsune107 3 months ago
Oh gosh. Scareed of your own species :) I absolutely love werewolves though so yay!!
zoomer2 zoomer2 a year ago
Amazing! How do you write so detailed? If you have a kik you can kik me at  Zoomer2  thanks.
Dani_Silence Dani_Silence a year ago
wow im loving this story! i love the long chapters and theres almost now gramar mistakes! if you want to do good, continue with what you're doing!
I was scared at the begining but I love it so far, Please update soon!! :)
HeidiNg5 HeidiNg5 a year ago
hope u can publish ur next chapter soon... I like to see wat happen next