Take A Trip With The Boys #1 - A One Direction Fanfiction

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*Previously, On Tour With One Direction* What would YOU do if you won a competition to go on Tour with One Direction? what would YOU do if Harry Styles fell hopelessly in love with you?...
When it said forever young, I immediately thought of Forever Young by Stoney LaRue.
I read that book twice and I don't regret it. I cried both times. I had to go to my room so my mom wouldn't see me cry.
Omg I just read take a trip top arid and I loved it
Made me cry heaps when you put the poem "Dash" because I read that poem at my little cousin's (13) funeral and it brought back memories but lied the book so much :)
a potato flew around my room before you came excuse the mess I made it usually doesn't rain
i just finished red it and cry alone. but no objection, that story is the best fanfic ever that i've red. love it.
There is no steam in a sauna. A sauna is a hot, dry room with coals