Scream For Him ~ Watty Winner 2012

2012 Watty Award Winner for On The Rise in Horror!! Jenna Cieres was not a woman to be messed with. She had a fiery temper, which would one day do her well when she finished law school. The problem is, her quick wit and personality are just what he is looking for....
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Oh definitely hooked! Sentence structure and grasp is amazing! Original to the max, I'm loving it ;)
Wow. You're an amazing writer and anyone can tell from reading just this little part
Hannibal Lecture! Hahaha you're outstanding! Very well exciting and very interesting.
"Women were, in his own masterful eyes, more elegant than men"...just one of the great sentences from this chapter.
WOW! i just read the prologue and this is very dark and interesting! I cant wait to finish the book to see how it turns out!!! Your very talented!
Great start , with just the right amount of intrigue. Looking forward to reading on....not sure if that makes me a sicko? LOL. Voted.x

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