This is all true events of my life of how my horrible habit got started. It also tells the real names of my friends who may not of known about my disease, but helped me through it. I hope if some of you have the same problem as I did, that you will read this and see how it doesn't benefit you.
See I am totally opposite I am not hungry at all when I am on my period
@Toxic_Tailz I know I weigh the same size as you,, she's so lucky
girl. try being 180 and dropping down over 20 pounds from this problem. i still have this problem. i would fucking be estatic if i weighed that much.
I can relate. I skip breakfast and lunch but I can never skip dinner. Im 14. 
this is really well written. I Love it.
It's very hard....all the girls at my school are stick-skinny.@Dem-Vamp
@Dem-Vamp thank u. I'm still not doing well, I ate only 15 blueberries today..then purged.