Sometimes it Pours "on hold"

A collection of interlocking lover stories set in the mid 1800's England. Sometimes men were not gentlemen and not every lady was so proper. In the first story we learn of Annabella's longing for a certain Irishman. In the second half of the story you will see his other side as you follow his sisters quest for someone's love. Watch the characters grow and change as well as get different views of the situations. Follow their heartaches and triumps.
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I love this whole story. The dialouge aounds so authentic and I can tell that you did proper reasearch.
Ohh... sorry! before*
and could you read my story possibly? It's my first one. I'd like to get more feedback. Thank you!! 
Just commenting bewfore I even read. I can't wait!! lol. See you at the end of these stories! :P 
Wow, I love the little interactions between Anna and her father, your descriptions were great and I would most definitely love to read more of this!
Just read Sometimes it pours Annabelle's story, I'm not much at reading but this has got me wanting more.

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