Falling in Love with a Billionaire (Under SERIOUS Editing)

Please don't read this - 14/May/2014 This is under incredible editing and you might get confused. When Rose is found snooping in a billionaire's suite room her life is forever changed. The irresistible love between them is pressured when something is revealed. A Mysterious Dominic is head over heels for Rose but when he discovers that her life is more than he knew, will he run or stay to fight for the one he loves? Can he protect her with is life even when he is up against something for than he thought?
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Like the message, it was kinda creepy 'cos I was listening to Lollipop-Mika (the author's note)...
Like it so far!
Heya again,, i seriously love this chapter, just started reading it too! Damnn you just keep the stories coming! Good work,, ttyl xx
@Mysterious_Writer  Got it! Sorry I haven't commented much, I had to switch over to my phone to keep reading and it's a PAIN to comment with :P
This is AWESOME so far!
Cheesy song time..
BADA DA DA DA! I'm Lovin' it!
Okay.. So that was the McDonald's theme back what ever! 
i like the last part......"she was all he wanted"....needs improvement.......but i like it...
You've included a nice amount of detail and the piece has a good flow. I love both Dominic and Rose!

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