The Substitute Bride (ON HOLD)

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RedROSES_4ever By RedROSES_4ever Updated 2 years ago
Mary-Jane 'MJ' Parker was a bubbly, attractive and intelligent, 23 year old. She was beautiful, from her overly gorgeous face to her rockin' curvy body, that all girls would kill to have. She wasn't rich or poor, just in between. MJ was grateful for everything and everyone she has and had never once complained about anything.

It was her graduation night. The night she had been waiting for since forever. But little did she know that, that night she had been dying for, was the night she was about to lose EVERYTHING. Her one and only remaining loved one, her beloved condo that overlooked the city...

Then comes in Eric Valchar. A 24 year old lawyer, voted the most hottest man and top attorney, in Australia. He's filthy rich, wild and a total dickhead. A complete opposite of MJ.

After a late night of partying, he runs into Mary-Jane, and being the rich and arrogant snob he was, left her sitting in the cold. He finds her again the next day, sitting outside the front of his house. Telling her to get lost was what he was meaning to do, but then he thought of something else she could be useful for...
akoaymaldita akoaymaldita 3 years ago
Exactly my thoughts should be dean instead of principal...nevertheless i still like the plot of the seems nice n intersting:)
Akanae Akanae 3 years ago
Is she graduating from college or high school? If college, which I'm hoping cause there's no way she could become a doctor after high school, there's no principal. It's the dean. Good start of the story though :)
writexmusic writexmusic 3 years ago
sweet chapter. i loveyour characters theyre so realistic and quirky and refreshing!

i also like your writing style and how you've presented everything. youve got a nice balance between narration and dialogue. and i loved all your details!
AiBonbon AiBonbon 3 years ago
A bit repetitive in the beginning, but you use nice details :) and that man is such a meany ;c I think I'll keep on reading this :)
BrittanyGraham BrittanyGraham 3 years ago
I love the way you are writing this, like the narrator is speaking to me, Very unique name to choose, MJ(: But I feel really bad for MJ. :/  I really like your detail and your writing flows well.
CyberLoud CyberLoud 3 years ago
Poor MJ, that must have been horrible for her to go through.
A great start, I was hooked from the first paragragh.
Keep up the great work, voted.