The Memories Of An Assassin

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_ParsaAssassin By _ParsaAssassin Updated 2 years ago
Holy Land :1190 A.D
The 3Th Crusade breaks out and Richard leads his army to the holy land to defeat Saladin.....

At this time The Master Of Assassins in Masyaf finds it the best time to weaken both Crusaders and he asks the Great Master in Persia to send him a Fearless Assassin.....

The Great Master sends Parsa who Joined Assassins Creed since he was 16 and wants to get revenge of her family who were killed by Knight Templars.

Knight Templars are the enemy of Assassins and find them a preventive to reach their goal:
 New World Order

Assassins do their best to prevent them from becoming powerful cause they know if they do they want to rule the world 

Welcome to  My Imaginary World I Hope You Enjoy It
inferningfire inferningfire 2 years ago
lol the whole story is the campaign for the game. but the way u changed it quite good.
hahah lol is she :)
kool iv only read the first part but its good ill try to read it all lmfao
dezzybc dezzybc 3 years ago
Wow so if they are against the Christians and the Saracens then what do they fight for? What is in the letter? Is it wise to join forces with the other Assassins or are they already on the same team. So many questions. looking forward to finding out the answers. Very well written.
zozolovesxoxo zozolovesxoxo 3 years ago
I love the unique idea very much, hope you can keep on working with your brilliant imagination!  voted:)
BrightGalaxy BrightGalaxy 3 years ago
I like how you used the crusades as the plot for your story. Its really creative and nice. I like your start. =)
gemelli gemelli 3 years ago
A really original idea for a story. There wasn't very much descriptions but I understand that you had to use lot's dialogue to introduce the story. Well done. Voted.