Corruption: A SteamPunk Mystery

Working at Cierce Prison, Intake Officer Leo Eddowes never did more than the minimum. However, when a new prisoner with a mysterious past comes across his path, Leo finds himself more invested than he would like. boyxboy slash
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hahahahha thats quite funny, its the magistrate sobath. Hope our main hero can get out of this trouble.
When will u finish the story? Very interesting. Can't hardly wait 2 find out the mystery behind it all. Thanx
Oh my God the crush part was adorable :'o 
I'm so sorry I'm approaching the end of this :(
This is so interesting. You really are an awesome writer. You should publish your stories more and i would aupport it.
Aaaaaaa man, just when it was getting good. Why must you torture  me like this?
"goes and crys in a corner" :'(
Hmm...real smooth ;) I realise it's been a very long time since you updated this, but will you be continuing it?
<3 this is really great!

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