The daily life of a scene girl (Ambers story)

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Summer By xXxMarilynsBitchxXx Updated 2 years ago
Amber Rose Evans was an outcast, everyone finds some weird thing about her to pick on, she is a scene girl and is proud of it, but there is only one problem... Emma Hanson, the most popular and beautiful girl in the whole school and things only turn for the worse when Emma finds out Amber is dating her brother Aaron Hanson, will Amber realize it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks about her or will Emma tear he and Aarons relationship apart? 
    CREDITS- i would like to give credit to my amazing cousin Riley RileyVanity_Biersack for everything, she was the one who told me about wattpad, and the idea for the story, so thank you i wouldn't be here without you!!
Hi I'm new here and I would love someone to cheek out my books and read them and love them and everything lol.
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hey this story is aweosme and u and me gt alot on common so i would think it be cool if u fallow me and read soem of my storys lol thank you :)
this story is so awesome ima stalk it x) STALKER ALERT!!!!!! X)
I love this story, but I hate Emma! What a WITCH with a capital B!! :P
I'm not one for this genre of stories, but Riley asked me to read this and it is actually REALLY good! Very nice work, I'm able to clearly picture each scene and how everyone is interacting with each other. Again, great job!
Whats really funni is that theres a bitch at my school named Kaitlyn Murray XD But i;m like totaly in love with this book. Its AH-mazing hehe