OneShots for My Favorite Stories!

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*Catnip* By *Catnip* Updated 3 years ago
This is a collection of my own ONE SHOTS that I've written based on some favorite stories here on Wattpad!
am i the only one that feels this kinda rhymed? and its almost as if he was singing his thoughts idk :P
I loved this and loved how it interwove very good with Jordan's story.
 i agree with fanatic08 about Chris' POV. it clicks with Jordan's. n now we know what actually happened before going to Osaka.
Oh my goodness! I loved this! My favorite line?
"Not that I would've minded if she's falling for me."
i loved is awesome...
hope u win...i hope u had time to write the next part too..but its fine...
love chris Pov
OMG!!!You did a great job!!It's very good!!Oh and good luck in the competition!