Secret Wings

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Hailey always thought she had a pretty ordinary life.  The only thing that could be called unusual in her life was that her mother had disappeared into thin air not long after Hailey's birth. Soon, though, her mother is not the most important thing on the young girl's mind as she discovers a hidden side of herself and meets a strange winged boy who pulls her into a magical world she could never in her wildest dreams have imagined.        
    Follow Hailey in her adventure as she learns more about her true heritage and discovers things she never would have believed before.   
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Hahah. She just accepts that he's an angle, just like that? Most teenage girls wouldn't do that...
i got kinda weak lungs so I know the struggel. like jogging in slightly cold air sets me in fire x.x and I'm akwardly slow and have short legs.... running is my nemesis
YAS I LIKE THIS NUMBER (only real Divergent fans get it, sorry ^^)
my mom told me I don't have to live life with a boyfriend and I said I know that I want to live life with my family love yaw follow me I follow back
Don't know what they say to keep you up at night. And if they give you sssssssshh. Then they can walk on by
Omg, I remember reading this two years ago when I first joined WattPad and I loved it. And I don't know why I stopped, but I'm reading it over :)