As much as I love the original story, I feel it lacks something. So my efforts will be to now better this story and turn it hopefully into something that everyone will love. I'll leave it up. If you have any questions as to what happens, feel free to message me. I just will not be writing any more chapters. Sorry to leave you hanging on the story but like I've said before I want to turn it into something that fits the fighting aspect of the story.
mystical_penguin mystical_penguin 2 years ago
aaw dats so cute d way he describes her to wrath...
btw i like der names.. pretty cool
Teph-TephHicayen Teph-TephHicayen 2 years ago
Yeah u should finish this hopefully because i did really enjoy it but not the new bliss part
PurpleRaindrops1 PurpleRaindrops1 2 years ago
i usually dont like storys like this, but yors is way interesting , i cant stop reading it .
Rebellionx Rebellionx 2 years ago
I really loved it. The name kaijuu reminds me a name of a moster from the troop xD. I'll keep reading.
MaresaJuarez MaresaJuarez 3 years ago
i have read this book twice and im going for my third :D i just love it soo much
StarBabb StarBabb 3 years ago
I just wanted to say that this was the best book i have ever read on wattpad(and i have read a lot!)