In Love With An Angel (Castiel Fanfic)

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Charlotte By DarylIsMyBae00 Updated 24 days ago
Charlotte is Bobby Singer's daughter she hunted with Sam and Dean Winchester all the time. They were like the two big brothers she never had. She still remembers the day she met an angel called Castiel her life completely changed after that meeting. She had fallen in love with an angel and he had fallen for her. They started to date and things... well things happened that her father, Dean and Sam were not allowed to know. This story is of love and heartbreak
    A/N: I don't own Supernatural unfortunately as it belongs to Eric Kripke but I do own Charlotte Singer.
I have a necklace that says that and it has a picture of cas inside of it!
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Here's some advice: when your dad meets your be someday, he's going to kill him.
Every dad's reaction to hearing his daughter is dating someone.
Dang. I don't think anyone in the known  Universe would forget a face as handsome as his. Even if you had amnesia.
Lol only in supernatural can you add again to someone dying.
Why did she see the yellow? Did Dean tell her about that one?