All is Love; All is New.

"Florence Lopp!" Dumbledore screams, as the fifth peice of paper flies out of the Goblet of Fire. Florence's sixth year at Hogwarts will be one of danger, adventure, discoveries, betrayal, and of course, love.
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This is really quite good, it's intriguing and written so well. I have read so many awful fanfics, but this one is a keeper!!! c:
Nice, I like that It kind of hints about the Death Eater plans. Well, it's a hint if you read the books or seen the movie! =D
This super awesome! I will totally be checking out your other story. By the way just curious, but who is girl in the picture? Like her actual name?
Wow, this is really great! :) It seems more realistic than the other fanfics, much more smooth.
I never read your first story, but maybe now I should here real soon! I loved this one! =D Can't wait for you to post more! =)
I really like this, the storyline looks like it'll turn out great!  The name is a bit iffy, I think but it's still pretty good itself

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