Baby Biersack...(Andy Biersacks Daughter)

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Beauty_is_violence By Beauty_is_violence Updated 20 hours ago
Andy Biersack gets a call from the hospital saying he has a 3 year old dauhgter named Claire, what will he do? Will he keep her? Or will he just let her go a fost home with a family she doesn't know? Read and find out what happens!!
1Dollar2Pound3Euro 1Dollar2Pound3Euro 2 months ago
That towers over you like two of the eiffel tower ontop of one another... 
KiroDeFe-Brotherhood KiroDeFe-Brotherhood 5 months ago
Awe. I'm sorry but there is this band I imagined as the gang so when she died...I just...Looks like the start of Claire whipping him into shape.
SpiralKiss SpiralKiss 6 months ago
My God that is the worst way to die. And her daughter was right next to her? I thought there would at least be some sort of code in a gang...
XxJoyChanxX XxJoyChanxX 7 months ago
@XxJoyChanxX still, I wouldn't trust anyone after losing my mom. especially some stranger
AlexFuentes_ AlexFuentes_ 7 months ago
@XxJoyChanxX she was told that was her dad and she just lost her mum so I think she would need some comfort