Baby Biersack...(Andy Biersacks Daughter)

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Andy Biersack gets a call from the hospital saying he has a 3 year old dauhgter named Claire, what will he do? Will he keep her? Or will he just let her go a fost home with a family she doesn't know? Read and find out what happens!!
It just seems really unlogical to me xD 
I'm all about making stories logical even if they are fanfiction (unless they are sci-fi)
This books takes place in the real world, a real little girl wouldn't act like that xD but ohh well
@PaperMars But maybe she know him because maybe her mom told her about andy and showed her pictures or something. At least that makes more sense i think haha but that's only my opinion :D haha
That towers over you like two of the eiffel tower ontop of one another... 
Awe. I'm sorry but there is this band I imagined as the gang so when she died...I just...Looks like the start of Claire whipping him into shape.
My God that is the worst way to die. And her daughter was right next to her? I thought there would at least be some sort of code in a gang...
@XxJoyChanxX still, I wouldn't trust anyone after losing my mom. especially some stranger