Baby Biersack...(Andy Biersacks Daughter)

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Ange By pizzaaddams Completed
Andy Biersack gets a call from the hospital saying he has a 3 year old dauhgter named Claire, what will he do? Will he keep her? Or will he just let her go a fost home with a family she doesn't know? Read and find out what happens!!
I loved it OMG *daddy* I screamed and cried with happiness so much
I don't think juliet would do this if this actually happened though
Whenever Andy talks, is it just me, or do you also read it in his voice?
Long , slender and skinny gazelle legs that can make a girl howl x3
I just don't really like Juliet in this story but it's getting AWESOME so far! Cause in reality I have a really bad feeling Juliet's gonna do something bad to Andy someday. IDK but please don't hate on me whoever sees this. I could be weird or confused. Maybe she's actually a nice person.
It just seems really unlogical to me xD 
                                    I'm all about making stories logical even if they are fanfiction (unless they are sci-fi)
                                    This books takes place in the real world, a real little girl wouldn't act like that xD but ohh well