Baby Biersack...(Andy Biersacks Daughter)

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Andy Biersack gets a call from the hospital saying he has a 3 year old dauhgter named Claire, what will he do? Will he keep her? Or will he just let her go a fost home with a family she doesn't know? Read and find out what happens!!
Lol it's funny though bc Juliets the type of girlfriend to love this so much and be so happy and go and buy the kid a bunch of clothes and stuff
Daddy. OH DADDY FÜCK THAT PÜSSY. I'm sorry but Bryan Stars anyone? XD.
I have 5 words for this girl. Do. Not. Look. Up. Your. Dad. I repeat it. Do. Not. Look. Up. Your. Dad. Not on Google and DEFINITELY NOT ON WATTPAD.
I just died this is so cute I can hear his say dragonfly in my head and I cry
I'm sorry but hearing about Andy with Juliet pisses me off Andy is my baby now ok thanks
Whenever Andy talks, is it just me, or do you also read it in his voice?