J.Gatsby's son and Marilyn Monroe's daughter

It's the roaring twenties It's all about glitz and glamour , extravagant parties and flappers And James Gatsby , the son of Jay Gatsby , is throwing the most luxurious and extravagant parties in Long Island . Elizabeth Monroe , daughter of Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller , is following in her mother's footsteps as a singer and actress. When they both meet and fall terribly in love ,they will be held back by many problems of their own. Will they run away together and leave everything behind? Will they live a life of forbidden love? Or will history repeat itself and give them the same fates as their parents?
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Also if you are at a writer's block you should look at some old Marilyn monroe movies and old remakes of the great Gatsby for inspieration.
Yayayayay!  I told two.of my  friends about your book they both said they would read and leave a comment for you. Keep up the great work!!!
 : )
Also you should change your title to something short sweet but to the point and as well as the cover get the picture to interest people as well
I think you should make a.chapter where it talks about.Elizabeth and her lifestyle with her father get the readers to know more about Elizabeth.

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