Culinaria L'amore

"Kirsten, you have some frosting on your mouth." He muttered softly, his gaze not moving from my lips. I could feel my heart flutter under my dress, and as I stared into his grey eyes surrounded by the long eyelashes I adored, I swore that I could see something like hunger in his eyes. Hunger for something other than food. Kirsten Bellini thought she had her whole life mapped out. After graduating high school, she planned on remaining a chef at her father's small restaurant, L'amore, and maybe, just maybe, fall in love if she found the right man. Garrett Bianchi didn't care what would happen in his life. He only knew one thing for certain. Love was a bitch and it hurt, even more than skinning a finger on the cheese shredder, which happened often, being the son of famous chef and culinary instructor, Robert Bianchi. When they first meet at the funeral mourning her father's tragic death, Kirsten and Garrett could have appeared to be more opposite, other for their shared love of cooking. But who knows? After all, there sometimes can be a love stronger than the love of food.
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Why did you have to do that. Now I'll just skip to chapter sixteen and read from there
awkward bc i have the same name as the MC
this would be like reading about myself hA
SPOILER ALERT!! Oh I'll probably forget and by the time I get to chapter 16 I'll be fangirling
SPOILER ALERT!!!!! COVER TOU EYES JIMMY!!! JIMMMY!! NOOOOOOO! Guys, jimmy saw the spoiler alert.
Good luck on the Watty Awards! I absolutely love your story, this is actually the third time I'm reading it. Honestly one of my favourites.
I have to wait until chapter sixteen??!!? Oh, no.. Whelp.. I better get reading!

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