Lily is an average fifteen year old living in the U.S.A in 2011. But when an earthquake destroys her house- and throws her and her brother back in time to a world she believed to be fictional, a fictional one that is now turned into her reality, she uncovers old family secrets, and family in general.
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I know that feeling too well. And it's worse when a book shelf is wobbling dangerously and about to fall on you.
Knew it the moment I read the P. when I read the A i thought it might be A.S.P but no.
Ohhhh potter I get it. They are going to discover about Harry and Ginny and the rest of the crew.
I'm from Turkey. Because I bad at speak and write English. But I wonder your  story very much. :/
This is brilliant. I love this book. I blew off my homework to read this. I'm glad I did! :)
Hey guys. I know you hate when people do this, but I am writing a story! Please check it out! BTW< I LOVE THIS STORY!!!!

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