Lily is an average fifteen year old living in the U.S.A in 2011. But when an earthquake destroys her house- and throws her and her brother back in time to a world she believed to be fictional, a fictional one that is now turned into her reality, she uncovers old family secrets, and family in general.
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there are seriously so many freaking fanfictions where they use everything but those phoenix tail feather, unicorn tail hair, and dragon heartstring
dude, no offense, but you are kinda being the worse potterhead ever right now like fo real
lol for a second I thought a weasley apparated and was wearing bells due to the festivities
but i thought it was voldemort.... it seems like something nice and thoughful he would do for other people
He doesn't use kelpie hair, and since when do kelpies have manes? They're wooden creatures that live in marshy areas- Duh
Bellatrix is right, ollivander doesn't use Vella hair cuz he thinks it makes wands last less longer. HP NATZIS FOR THE WIN!!!

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