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LilyBrooks By LilyBrooks Updated 2 hours ago
Lily is a fifteen year old girl living in the United States in 2011. She considers her life average, but when an earthquake destroys her house- and throws her and her brother back in time to a world she believed to be fictional- things quickly go from average to anything but. Stuck navigating a world she didn't know existed, she uncovers old family secrets, and family in general.
AccioPancakes AccioPancakes 2 days ago
I'm just gonna go out on a limb here and guess that it's from Dumbledore - just a guess
_dxydrxmer _dxydrxmer 3 days ago
This was quite a good chapter. But I thought that Lily's emotions were quite inconsistent. You couldn't quite feel her pain. I don't mean to be rude, the story so far is fairly good.
Demon_Fangurl Demon_Fangurl 8 days ago
Oh, so your parents can name you Lily and you can be Lily Potter, but his can't name him Remus.
2bitWeasley 2bitWeasley 11 days ago
SlytherinsMonarch SlytherinsMonarch 11 days ago
I believe it depends what fictional characters you are leaving it with. Weasley twins I would never, but Remus is pretty responsible.
lsoph1684 lsoph1684 2 months ago
dude, he can turn into a friking dog, I think he's pretty okay with them