Lily is a fifteen year old girl living in the United States in 2011. She considers her life average, but when an earthquake destroys her house- and throws her and her brother back in time to a world she believed to be fictional- things quickly go from average to anything but. Stuck navigating a world she didn't know existed, she uncovers old family secrets, and family in general.
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wait... He has the dursleys so technically not his LAST living relative in general, his last and ONLY living relative on his fathers side
no sorry I came because I wanted to see if it looked like the one in universal, orlando

somebody *cough cough* J.K. Rowling *cough* was picking random nouns out of a hat when she made Dumbledoor's name
it was so obvious that were related but i was hoping for romance between harry and lilly... sorry ginny
Yeah , it's easy just rock up with a goblin the sword of Griffindoor , poly juice potion of bellatrix and a dragon. 
Pfft. Easy.
there are seriously so many freaking fanfictions where they use everything but those phoenix tail feather, unicorn tail hair, and dragon heartstring

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