Feminine Fangs (on hold)

Athena has been abused for 400 years, She has become afraid of her own shadow. when she manages to escape her vampire master she finds sanctuary in the small town of mystic falls. What she doesn't realize is that Vampires in habit this town, will she stay or have to leave.
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Okay, dont mean to be rude but this is just a fun place to make stories, shes ab awesome writer, she can do what she wants
Gah, I love the Vampire Diaries!!! I am really excited to begin reading this, it sounds way interesting so far!! :) voted!
I LOVE IT!!! I know im only supposed to read 3 paragraphs, but imma read more for sure!(:
his is so sad ;v; I hope she can run away from this guy! This was really emotional and dark D: but really good! P.s I loved the cover ^u^
intriguing, is this about House of Night or Vampire Diaries, I wouldn't know I dont read or watch either:S  It was good though, really brought the reader in.
That's good, I like the descriptions and you have a great hook, you'll draw in some readers =)

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