Best Friends Forever Right..??

What really happened to Jessica? The once shy girl now turned lethal and cocky as some would say. 3 years was along time ago, 3 years was when she left for New York, 3 years ago she lived in Florida with her best friend, 3 years of pain and secrets, 3 years was the time it took her to push her past away and change into someone else. But now she's back three years later, known as Jesse by some and as Dante by others. Jessica returns to Florida with her parents to finish high school she meets up with her old and inseparable best friend Brook who is not only surprised by her change, but completely turned off. Jesse finds Brook as a challenge she doesn't care if she is her former best friend because Jesse gets what she wants. Brook doesn't seem to like her, but wants to know Jesse's secret and her past. Enter Hayley a simple girl who has some underlining problems and who also becomes close to Jesse, but what do we have here a the mystery girl who seems to be the solution and cause of all Jesse's problems. But wherever Jesse goes there always something following her, she has a package on her that isn't easy to get rid of, will she put the people loves in danger or will she die trying to protect them. What will Jesse bring with her from New York and most of all who will she choose Brook, Hayley, or the city of New York. Follow us as we dig deep into her past and present
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I'm sorry I keep seeing that. It's actually mine. Not mines. But I love it so far
le porc n'est pas vraiment mon préféré mais j'aime plutôt les côtes de porc
Im like crying right now this remindid me of my bff but this b*tch had to come and ruin it we used to be so close but now....
Loving it so far. I understand the whole "not my best friend anymore" happend to me
This is the funniest book I've ever read I am loling with every page. Love brook & jesse
One of the main things i like abt ur stories are tht they have pics at the side xD

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