I never thought I'd fall in love

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Fareeda Biebz Horan By Fareeda Biebz Horan Updated 2 years ago
Skyarlette O'Brent hates Justin Bieber. But what happens when she finds out they have to live under the same roof, let alone the same room! This story isn't like your regular cliche fan fictions; take a risk and see for yourself what lurks on the next page. So follow Skyarlette and Justin to see if they  can cope and come out alive.......
Hey dont leave us hangin' u said u try and update in  less than 2 weeks ! And u didn't so please up the date thnks :)
Hey I just read this and it's so awesome I really love it so continue maybe
@CareeFreeGissay.       I don't love him but I like a few of his songs
OM freaking G did I ever tell u how much I love this story? Thank you sooooo much!
I love how Skyarlette is so funny. X) And I like Burenna's look also. Although I like all the characters a lot, I'm thinking if their personalities contrast more it would be funnier :D Just a thought. I love this story
@mshotstuff OFCOURSE I didn't friggin' read all this!!! I just saw A LOT of words and I'm like , WOAH ...dude.., lolz ;))