Crafting Your Best Story

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LeeStrauss By LeeStrauss Updated a year ago
Discover the craft of writing so that you can write your best story.
iloveallfandoms iloveallfandoms 6 months ago
Thank you Elle. This will help me on the story I'm writing right now.
wonderingguy wonderingguy 7 months ago
im writing short stories about stuff that is going on in my life on here im new to this, any advice, if any of you could have a look and give me feed back. not so much on my stories but how to put them in chapters and stuff on here
TheSecretRage TheSecretRage 8 months ago
One question (please answer):
How do you create amazing book covers? I'm still new to Wattpad and creating the covers so if you can answer that would be great.
TheSecretRage TheSecretRage 8 months ago
Thank you so much! You are so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so amazing for creating this. You've helped me. Thank you.
MarifelTalacay MarifelTalacay 8 months ago
thanks I find this very helpful. I am new writer, but in my Filipino language. and just starting writing in English.
AngeloConstantinou AngeloConstantinou 8 months ago
Hey please can you check out my book ? I am a beginner writer and I wanted to get a professional view