Into The Moon (Book one) ........(First few chapters need serious editing)

Abby Grace is a normal seventeen year old girl, well normal in the sense that she wants to meet a guy, make some friends and be like all the other "normal" kids..... Abbys problem is her dad's dead and her mom's an alcoholic and moves her around a lot, a hell of a lot. At least now her Aunt has stepped in to help and keep her settled . Abby hopes and dreams might just come true........ but then again Abby has never done anything the easy way..... hey guys the first few chapters on this story arent brilliant due to laptop and net problems so they had to be done on my phone. but please keep reading it gets so much better..............
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I just started reading this--as u already know---nd this is already giving me goosebumps....this is reallllllllllly good
I love the use of descriptions and enjoyed reading this chater very much although it was a little short
@leighxxx hahaha ;) well this is a link to her profile and I'll tell her I sent ya to her <3 shes really good ;D

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