Your Love Is My Drug [Ziall] *slow updates*

Niall was looking for a hero. He was going insane; at least, that's what most people thought, but nobody would listen to his desperate pleas to prove his sanity. That is, until one day, Zayn Malik finds the broken Irish boy, curled up and sobbing on the floor of a janitor's closet. © Copyright 2014 All Rights Reserved
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0___0 I am in love with it already. This is perfect. I feel so freaking bad for Niall right now. This story is beyond amazing! :D
Oh my God! It's completely perfect! I love this fic and I'm so happy that I can translate it :) please update this story as soon as possible!
oh my gosh I love the ideas in this story, I can't wait to read the next update!!!
This is one of your best (writing wise).  Don't worry if there isn't as much reads as some of your others... this is perf
This is so so good, i love how your not rushing into it and the amount of detail it has
Amazing story. And the way Josh died seems believable, the way that a lot of people die. But oh poor nialler

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