Your Love Is My Drug [Ziall] *slow updates*

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TrulyMadlyLarry By TrulyMadlyLarry Updated 3 months ago
"His love was my drug, and I was foolishly addicted"  © Copyright 2014 All Rights Reserved
queen_judith queen_judith a month ago
Im back! I commented on detention and its squeal. I told you i was coming back... (:
Lover_5sos_1D Lover_5sos_1D 4 months ago
Love it and I also really love the new cover who made it @TrulyMadlyLarry
thatirishcream thatirishcream 5 months ago
Only read your warning and already LOVE IT. 
*thatsojack voice whilst reacting to midnight memories* Love it Love it
LoveMeOrDie737 LoveMeOrDie737 a year ago
0___0 I am in love with it already. This is perfect. I feel so freaking bad for Niall right now. This story is beyond amazing! :D
cityofclifford cityofclifford a year ago
I only read Larry fanfics, but this.....just changed everything. Ziall is my favorite bromance actually, I just never liked reading fanfics about it. But I like this one. c: can't wait to see how this goes. <3
UNI_Lilly_N_Ed UNI_Lilly_N_Ed a year ago
Write it! I love Ziall and like all of the fan fics you write! :)!