Her Unshed Tears

Skye Rivera is a contract killer. She possesses an intelligence quotient that exceeds others, athletic abilities that by far surpass anyone, and is the best of the best. Each day brings her closer to her death, each assignment challenges her abilities, and each mission is a glorious victory. Her new mission requires her to pose as an American high school student. She must go undercover and destroy the coalition of two of the world’s deadliest criminal organizations. To complicate matters, notorious badboy, Jace Estelle takes an interest in her. Skye slowly begins to break the rules as she falls in love; something she vowed to never do.
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My new favorite story!! Skye's Awesome!!
"Why'd you punch her?"
"She p!ssed me off."
Lolz! XD great story. Please continue!! :)
please do upload sooon!
i think Megan Fox's looks suit Skye perfectly....good job with that and of course the story's coool ;-p
Wow... this chapter is so...sexy.
I kinda like the ending of the chapter, it's sensual...and...erotic.
Wow, Skye is great!

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