Ashes (Enduring the Fire Sequel)

Completed. Sequel to Enduring the Fire. In order to understand the story, you will need to read Enduring the Fire first. Chuck's been through hell and back, and is slowly making his recovery. After the successful surgery, he's slowly integrating himself back into a "normal life". He's slowly starting to become the pre-cancer boy that the entire school worshipped. Chuckie's stood by his brother the entire time, and he's ready to help Chuck and do whatever he can to get him back on top, while dealing with his own problems, of course. Such as Amber, the Queen Bitch, and his girlfriend. Neither one of the boys expect what's coming, and when it hits, it strikes with a vengance. Now they must learn to live life a new way, and it takes a toll on the entire family.
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This chapter was great... loved that we got to see Ashlyn's POV it made me feel for her :(
McDonald's ???! Real food??????!!!!!????
What univers do you live in although it is good
it's heartbreaking </3 . i'm nt used to this type of story but i really loved it !
So there were actually tears from this chapter. Thanks for that one (she said sarcastically)
I really liked this chapter it gave great background to alot of the characters and how this family really woks.
Aw! Mikes an alcoholic?! Oh mike!!!!!! That last bits makin me cryyyyyyyy!!! :'(

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