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Anna Shay is a normal 18 year old girl who lives in London. She shares a small flat with her best-friend Elka. These best-friends have been through everything together from the beginning. They are there for each other when needed. Anna has a job at a sweets store while Elka has one at the shoe store in the same plaza. They both can drive though they don't have a cars due to college expenses. Anna's whole life changes when she finds an iPhone on the floor in the store she works in. Who does this phone belong to? The one and only Louis Tomlinson from One Direction. She decides to keep this from Elka and her life is an adventure from there.
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Like really!! Oh I lost it at the candy store I noticed it was gone so I just left it there and ran -_-
I love it. What is your first one ? I'm curious ....... Plz tell me. I would live to read it
I don't see how she got all excited. The thing they were talking about was one direction. Do you really think she would  switch topics like that?
Finally someone in these stories aren't obsessed and wtf is with all the directions that are about to kill her
That is literally like every girl in this fandom talking to someone outside if it.
ahahahahha dream life 
i'm just gonna go poop some cutton candy and maybe pee a unicorn

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