Kiss Me, Kill Me

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Eveline By eviechic Completed
(TRAILER INSIDE) Hunter Ross: sexy, mysterious, and broodingly silent. Hazel Dewry has just been assigned to him as a peer counselor to help him build his social skills—and she couldn’t be unhappier. Although ridiculously good-looking, Hunter has been said to be a killer and is avoided by the entire student body. And although he seems actually quite nice when she starts talking to him, Hunter invariably seems to be hiding something… that could ultimately kill her. 
    Is Hunter even human? What’s he hiding? And why are her best buddies warning her about him? After befriending him, that’s all Hazel seems to be thinking about. And with a possible (beautiful, way-too-old) stalker popping up everywhere she goes, her life seems to become just a tad bit too impossible. Add in an unlikely guardian angel, an enchanted violin, and a teaspoon of forbidden love, and we just might have the recipe for disaster.
i really love love love the story! it reminds me of a song
                                    Apocalyptica - Not Strong Enough <3 <3
a year ago, I read halfway through this book and found it amazinvly written! I tried to search this book again and fall in love with it all over again ♡♡ usually, I am sick of 'first person' writing but you pull it off so well and it is so much to my taste!
I like this for me it's hard to find books I like I can be picky but this is great