I wanted him to go far...but not that far

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This is a story about a boy and a girl...with a twist
LaurenPictor LaurenPictor 7 months ago
You should've said "now you dont want to hurt my feelings or for me to hurt your face do you?"
InternetJunkie InternetJunkie 4 years ago
THE Grayson!  
The Gray Man?  
*face palms*  If i ever meet a man who has that nickname, I'd slap him...as long as he wasn't still in High School cuz then...I'd go to jail >.<

BUT!  This was a great start to the book, now on to the next chapter!
DarkWriters DarkWriters 4 years ago
dude you just discribed ma dream man 
ummmm yeah uh-huh
next chapie 
psycho12 psycho12 4 years ago
i like the names they aren't comon names like bella jacob and edward. keep writing it's really good :) thumbs up!
thetis27 thetis27 4 years ago
ah, teen love...i miss those times, um, i like it so far, got me curious, so, i am going to keep on reading it! um, maybe fix the spellings? other than that it was catchy!-XXX
cheeze1 cheeze1 4 years ago
i do not understand alot here i like it but... set up the seen befor..