Escaping Death [Watty Awards]

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Dreaming_Love By Dreaming_Love Updated 3 years ago
When Gabriel Montehue comes back into Gwen Hampton's life, she doesnt know what to expect. A turn of events occur and suddenly Gwen can not remember a single thing about him.  He becomes a stranger in Gwen's eyes; completely forgetting that they've shared a past together.-Gabriel has his own reasons for his return.  As months pass there is an undeniable attraction that both Gwen and Gabriel share towards each other.  Gabriel's secrets are discovered but will it effect Gwen on her view of him?  Together they are fighting against a power greater than anything they could have ever imagined.  Will love be there salvation or is their destiny sealed without either of them having the power to decide what happens with their lives?

Together they will answer the question that for centuries has been asked, "Can you truly escape death?"
ElleBettencourt ElleBettencourt a year ago
Hahaha yes but it's pronounced the same right? I love this book by the way!
bookstar99 bookstar99 a year ago
Okay. I have to say it. 
The cover is gorgeous. 
It's awesome :D

Ooh. What is he? I keep thinking angel but what was his attitude with werewolves? Or maybe he's just joking???

Great start :)
iRead2You iRead2You 2 years ago
Good Book, but does need some work before it would go on sale in shops though, another good idea would be to publish it as an ebook for a small price, say 30p it could gain you support for your future fantasy's! Hope this helps you!
PlatinumX PlatinumX 2 years ago
I love the story. It was portrayed well in it's simplest way. Keep it up (*¯︶¯*)
hannahhh13 hannahhh13 2 years ago
@Dreaming_Love I love your story, and your cover. I was wondering if you would be interested in making a cover for me(: If so, I would be really grateful. If not, I totally understand! Thanks!
wt8488 wt8488 2 years ago
Hi!!!your story is amazing!!! Please read mine its called The Unknown