Voldemort's Soft Spot.

Ava Wilson has no idea she's as special as Harry Potter, she has no idea who her father is or why she feel a strange pull toward a Slytherin boy, Draco Malfoy. Will Ava have to fight against her dark side? Or will she surrender to it? Read and find out :)
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When I was 11 my dad and I still did stuff like this. I'm 15 and we still do sometimes
no because tom riddle is half blood- pure blood mother muggle father but her mum is pureblood therefore she is half blood
Just wondering /asking if both her parents are pure bloods isn't she if they are both pure blood she is to not half blood not that blood type matters but...
I just pictured Ava screaming "Yes, oh my Merlin Yes" at the top of her voice right after being sorted. Hahahaha, if only that happened.
I really cant imagine ol' Voldy doing a baby delivery. Why cant he have gone to a hospital and removed these images from my mind.

You seriously do NOT know how creepy Voldemort looked in my mind, being nice(ish) and delivery and freaking baby!!! It was horrifying!!

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