Voldemort's Soft Spot.

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JillNapier By JillNapier Updated 24 days ago
Ava Wilson has no idea she's as special as Harry Potter, she has no idea who her father is or why she feel a strange pull toward a Slytherin boy, Draco Malfoy. Will Ava have to fight against her dark side? Or will she surrender to it? Read and find out :)
dracoscupcakefairy dracoscupcakefairy 10 days ago
@BayKennish17 I laughed so much when I saw your comments :')
Brittany666 Brittany666 16 days ago
The evil Voldy is scary, but think about the nice one. Terrifying.
BayKennish17 BayKennish17 23 days ago
I started laughing hysterically and now everyone is looking at me like I'm mental. Lol
BayKennish17 BayKennish17 23 days ago
Every time it says he smiles or laughs I think of his laugh in deathly hallows part two. lol
BayLestrage17 BayLestrage17 23 days ago
Voldy the baldy being... NICE... huh as if don't make me laugh! actually its kinda scaring me.
BayKennish17 BayKennish17 23 days ago
then why does she love him. How can anyone love him he's evil and cruel and he's a Prit