Voldemort's Soft Spot.

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JillNapier By JillNapier Updated 9 months ago
Ava Wilson has no idea she's as special as Harry Potter, she has no idea who her father is or why she feel a strange pull toward a Slytherin boy, Draco Malfoy. Will Ava have to fight against her dark side? Or will she surrender to it? Read and find out :)
evy_underwood evy_underwood a month ago
excusez moi?! he even...COOED?
voldy likes babies...oh the fanfic ideas are just jumping around in my head.
Midnight_Kitten Midnight_Kitten a month ago
I can't stop laughing. I just can't picture Voldemort being so nice. It scares me 
AnimeBookGirl47 AnimeBookGirl47 a month ago
...but he was hideous...OH! When he was just Tom Riddle he was good looking though so YEAH...I only just got that....that's kinda sad...xx
AnimeBookGirl47 AnimeBookGirl47 a month ago
And I've got blue eyes and brown hair, although I dye it black.
tameholly tameholly 2 months ago
no she is pure blood actually cuz your pure blood if your parents are both wizards but half if you have a wizard and muggle as yur parents and if your parents are muggles you Hermione granger
cynbar16 cynbar16 2 months ago
@meandmyBFF123 No Snape's name is Severus and the DADA teacher while, Sirius Black is Harry's godfather.