Enamoured Contact (The Contact Series:Book3)

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_MeganSalander By _MeganSalander Updated 2 years ago
***ON HOLD***
Book3 of The Contact Series.
In the third and final instalment of Makenna and Liam's story, you'd think their happy ending was right around the corner by now wouldn't you? Well, in truth, it is...just not immediately around the corner. 

“You don't need me. You have me.” I smiled stroking along his cheek, and I was certain he could see how in awe I felt just by looking into my eyes as I gazed upon him. 
“No, I’ll always need you." He murmured. "Even if you're here in my arms. I’ll need you not matter what.” He vowed, his voice dropping to a deep raw rough tone so it was impossible to doubt.
JanetMStiffler JanetMStiffler 9 months ago
I love your work but honestly understand the importance of getting good grades. Keep up the great writing and hope college is just add enjoyable!
ChasendaSnow ChasendaSnow 2 years ago
Ive love your books but youve been on hold for quite some time now... What Gives???
Katyblue5718 Katyblue5718 2 years ago
I love reading this story, your writing just draws me in soooo much.
candygirl415 candygirl415 3 years ago
Aw! I really hope it IS that easy for them, that their energy returns because of this. And can you hurry up with the wedding already? I can't wait for their first intimate moment. It's going to be amazing for them.
twigurl08 twigurl08 3 years ago
Wright more please such a good book already read the first two
Akirefae Akirefae 3 years ago
I'm on the last chapter of book 2. I'm so glad there is a 3rd book!!   I'm way catching up, only 6 chapters so far in #3.  That means in an hour I won't have any more to read :(  I am enjoying very much!!!!