Soul x Reader x Kid

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Iwuvsoul By Iwuvsoul Updated 9 months ago
Entered in The Soul Eater Watts Awards!

Forced to enter the DWMA under your parent's instruction, you're entirely convinced this will be the worst thing that's ever happened to you. 

However, you reach Death City, and in a spiral of crazy events, find yourself falling for not one boy, but two.

The choice is yours- Who will you love?

And who's heart will you break?
xsouleatershipsx xsouleatershipsx 16 days ago
I would leave them behind, gonna GEF laid with the cutest person: Kidm
EnderClock EnderClock 25 days ago
GURL. DWMA 1S B3773R 7HAN HARVARD. ALSO YOU HAV3 7O B3 SMAR7. 7HA7'S SOM37H1NG YOU'R3 NO7. (I'm making myself depressed lol)
LovelyBlonde LovelyBlonde a month ago
It's okay kid, just makes sure one student mysteriously goes missing for 70 years.
LovelyBlonde LovelyBlonde a month ago
My sister is just now appreciating Soul's attractiveness and I'm like "Back off I called dibs the first episode when you called him ugly!"
takagi2527 takagi2527 a month ago
im going to dwma!! screw harvard!! (i apologise for being rude)
LilPandaStar LilPandaStar a month ago
Kid would probable end up scared a student away from his crazyness about symmetry xD then it will be 888 again