Between the Lines (on hold)

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Gracie_Strattyn By Gracie_Strattyn Updated 2 years ago
Sephie McCain was living an average life until she came home and found her mother murdered. From that moment on, through a series of complicated events, she becomes involved in a war between two twin vampires. Both have an inexplicable attraction to her, but only one is the person who murdered her mother in the first place and only one has all the best intentions when he asks for her love. Which of the Kade brothers will she choose? Cedric, the polite and caring prince charming? Or will she pick Rodric, the mysterious and funny bad boy? One brother is dark, one is light, but can she choose between the two or will she always stay between the lines?
EricaYogmas EricaYogmas 3 years ago
Augh where is the rest of the story I'm so mad it's not even funny i wanna cry right now. If i don't finish this story i won't stop thinking about is helllppp i want more
Pink_Candy Pink_Candy 3 years ago
@Gracie_Strattyn na they're pretty different but just a few plot ideas, which is why i like yours :)
Pink_Candy Pink_Candy 3 years ago
I don't normally like books that are written in present tense, but this is pretty good! I like the storyline, prob cos I can see some similarities in it to mine :D well done!
LovelyLivvi LovelyLivvi 3 years ago
I'm extremely picky when it comes to Vampire stories these days :] But I liked this! God, it was totally hooking! :D and I adore the cliff hanger at the end! You just need to capitalize 'Mom' and write your protagonist's thoughts in italics :] voted.
I agree with @Angelcas. The song is great for this scene, though... And I love the movie the song was played in!
CorrinaBaxter CorrinaBaxter 3 years ago
I really loved the song on the video, made me a little sad. *voted* :)