Tales of the Big Bad Wolf: The Red Riding Hood Arc (A Fairy Tale)

Fate plays her hand when Elanore Redley travels north to see to her ailing grandmother. On her way, she encounters a reclusive, mysterious Wolf who has long kept himself separate from the humans that surround him. As she steps into the man's magic-filled world, the hunter Edmund must come to terms with his own feelings towards Elanore. A familiar fairy tale unfolds while the world around them falls into darkness and, with it, come monsters of all kinds. This is an introductory book to an epic fairy tale world. Complete but to be continued in Volume 2, "The Queen of Swans."
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What does Elanore look like? I know she has brown eyes but what about skin, hair, height, etc?
Amazing. I could almost feel the snow around me in the beginning.....even though I'm inside. You have a gift!!
What do you mean by "serial work" and "only compiled chapters will be posted here"?
ur ar a awesme writer.... with ur words u create amazing pictures..... soorry to be so serious but ur wonderful writer
@plumster are you kidding that's what I noticed while reading there are like zero mistakes here.
i voted after having read the first two paragraphs. this incredible, the detailing and the wording. everything falls perfectly. flawlessly written, good job! 

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