Tales of the Big Bad Wolf: The Red Riding Hood Arc (A Fairy Tale)

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plumster By plumster Updated 15 days ago
On a journey north to visit her ailing grandmother, Elanore Redley encounters the reclusive Count Wolfram while fleeing a monstrous pursuer.  

As the mysterious Wolfram draws her into his magic-filled world, her childhood friend Edmund must come to terms with his own feelings towards Elanore and his identity as a hunter.
While the world slips into darkness and the threat of monsters looms, Wolfram struggles against a fate that would force him to live out a famous but decidedly unpleasant fairy tale.

This is an introductory book to an epic fairy tale world, full of romance, mystery, and self-discovery. Complete and now available in additionally edited form as an ebook and paperback! (See my profile for details.).

  The sequel continues in Volume 2, "The Queen of Swans" which is currently serializing on Wattpad  :)
UshioUnni UshioUnni a year ago
Just randomly found this story and I'm glad that I did. Even though I just finished reading the first chapter, I love it!! No kidding :3 I will continue on reading.
DrSocks DrSocks a year ago
just started it and lovin\' it so far! I love this genre :) beautiful opening
WhitneyJay WhitneyJay a year ago
What does Elanore look like? I know she has brown eyes but what about skin, hair, height, etc?
Vanillamonkeys141 Vanillamonkeys141 2 years ago
Amazing. I could almost feel the snow around me in the beginning.....even though I'm inside. You have a gift!!
Catherineparady Catherineparady 2 years ago
Lovely.  You've manged to "retell" a story without being repetitive
I can't believe how wonderful this story is. I couldn't stop reading. I was sadden when the story wasn't finished. Will there be more stories added? If so when? Thank you so much for sharing you great gift of story telling.