Tales of the Big Bad Wolf: The Red Riding Hood Arc (A Fairy Tale)

On a journey north to visit her ailing grandmother, Elanore Redley encounters the reclusive Count Wolfram while fleeing a monstrous pursuer. As the mysterious Wolfram draws her into his magic-filled world, her childhood friend Edmund must come to terms with his own feelings towards Elanore and his identity as a hunter. While the world slips into darkness and the threat of monsters looms, Wolfram struggles against a fate that would force him to live out a famous but decidedly unpleasant fairy tale. This is an introductory book to an epic fairy tale world, full of romance, mystery, and self-discovery. Complete and now available as an ebook. The sequel continues in Volume 2, "The Queen of Swans."
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What does Elanore look like? I know she has brown eyes but what about skin, hair, height, etc?
Amazing. I could almost feel the snow around me in the beginning.....even though I'm inside. You have a gift!!
What do you mean by "serial work" and "only compiled chapters will be posted here"?
ur ar a awesme writer.... with ur words u create amazing pictures..... soorry to be so serious but ur wonderful writer
@plumster are you kidding that's what I noticed while reading there are like zero mistakes here.
i voted after having read the first two paragraphs. this incredible, the detailing and the wording. everything falls perfectly. flawlessly written, good job! 

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