Give In To Me

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Christinag1227 By Christinag1227 Updated 9 months ago
Andre was bored with his everyday fate. Day in and day out he watched people. What kind of life is this? He asked himself, until he laid eyes on Elizabeth, a beautiful blonde haired vixen Andre had to have. Andre is magical and can appear out of thin air, he will appear right in Elizabeth's begging arms soon enough.
NorthShore604 NorthShore604 11 months ago
I want to know what he saw, especially since he has this unique gift! Also, it would be great to know in some more detail what the lives of the other teens was like. It feels like you're rushing through the story...
NorthShore604 NorthShore604 11 months ago
Love how you painted this image for the reader! I can see it in my minde
( ^ _ ^ )
SiLent_NigHtss SiLent_NigHtss a year ago
@christinag1227 please how can i find your story on wattpad mobile app? I tried looking for it but didnt find.
Mothwing Mothwing a year ago
This is a well-written story and I enjoy your writing style. One thing though, when you switch between Andre and Elizabeth, you should separate it a bit more, just to avoid confusion. Great start to what looks like a promising story!
luckyyallow luckyyallow a year ago
it's difficult to make a story but  I think its very easy for you to make like that beautiful story. :-)
Christella_xoxo Christella_xoxo 2 years ago
First of all i love your name (my name too) this chapter was really :)