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Gracie_Strattyn By Gracie_Strattyn Updated 10 months ago
Heather DeLani was raised into hunting and always stood out amongst the other hunters; it was not only because of her skill and gender, but also because her hunting partner, a witch by the name of A.J. The two girls had been wandering across America for a long time now and they settled into a routine of hunting, resting, and repeating the cycle all over again. 
It was inevitable that their lives would someday collide with the lives of the Winchesters. Along with an angel of the Lord named Castiel and A.J.'s familiar, Finn, the group all became close-knit friends.
However, the world was changing again and a new danger was rising, threatening their entire existence. 
If they didn't band together, this time, the world truly would be destroyed.
Zenacat96 Zenacat96 a year ago
I love how you wound Supernatural into this. It seems like an amazing story so far!
Lol, I'm curious about how A.J and Finn relationship suppose to work. Is her protector or sort of like a mate or a trainer to help her gain her powers?
Sounds interesting, this isn't my usual genre but I would read it. It keeps the readers guessing, I like ......