Random Things That Bother People

This is just a bunch of things that bother people!!!!!!!! I know we all have those little things that just drive us crazy, so I wanted to put into words the way a lot of people feel!! If you have any thing that bothers you that you think I should write about just let me know!!
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It really sucks that there are people like that. Ive had plenty of experience with jerks like them, and i know how you feel!!
yes it is especially because i wear some piece of black clothing almost everysingle day. its even worse when you have white cats! omg!
Me, you, and our CDOness
btw: i pickthe hair off taylor and momma all the time lol. it's really bad when they wear black :P.
@Dancergurl815 oh... i see that now... But it wasn't like that when i saw it. Gah idk what to say lol

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