All About the Fanservice - BoyxBoy Oneshots

Pretty much as the title states. A bunch of naughty, sexy oneshots involving Boyxboy/Yaoi. Requests are welcomed. Two oneshots already up and ready for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy, my darlings~
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@Celeste_Writes Yessss I very much do! My OTP has to be JOHNLOCK though.. Destiel is second and TenxJack is third.
Hay dios mío me mataste manita  caliente!!!!! That s*** was hot you killed me lol
I'd love a pairing of Hibari Kyoya and Din...or Gokudera Hayato and Yamamoto Takeshi
Wow!!!!!!!!!!Freaking fabulous that was! !!*clapping* 
Hooooot it was!!!!Super yummy also!:-D
@SneakingFox101 I was listening to the remake of it by BVB(Black Veil Brides)! lol it does match perfectly! :D
this was sexy as hell. dam,n it would make a good book. when he says how he feels for him. say your mine.. damn ohh weee sexy..

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