Love Can Heal (boyXboy)

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KurokoChigokoro By KurokoChigokoro Updated a year ago
Kurai Chi is Japanese, emo, and gay. Everybody at school is homophobic. He gets bullied constantly and was even sent to the hospital a couple times cause of it. But then a new kid moves to town. Is Kurai's life about to change?
cassiedion123 cassiedion123 2 years ago
Woot woot, Kurai made a new friend!!! Yay Alex is so cool <3
_MyWorld_ _MyWorld_ 2 years ago
@roadk4ever No prob and not only that I like stories like this I mean it gives it a bit of the real world I mean there are things like this Happening somewhere!  x)
_MyWorld_ _MyWorld_ 2 years ago
I LiIt. Iteally Good So Far, Can't Wait To Finish Reading The Other Chapters:)
JavierGallego JavierGallego 3 years ago
awwwww that was great, sad at first then happy at the end good job sweety lol continue please lol