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ProveYouWrong By ProveYouWrong Updated 2 years ago
The game is called paranoia.
Everyone gets a name.
The object of the game is to 'kill' that person.
This time, the game was taken too far.
And now, someone has to die.
oldmarionettecircus oldmarionettecircus 8 months ago
Alll I can think is SOMEONE FUDGING DIED IN THAT HOUSE!!!! AND YOU WANNA HAVE *whispers* it?!!?
_southernbelle_ _southernbelle_ a year ago
I've already read this book once and it is sooooooo good. Even though I never did figure out who the killer was but I am going to read it again because its really really good!!!! :D
lyds2014 lyds2014 a year ago
Already read the whole thing. Reading it agqin. Iwanna see if i can catch any of the clues from before as to who it is since ive allready read it and knowwho itis
-GrandLarceny- -GrandLarceny- a year ago
O.o My middle name is almost the same as the dead girl's...never met another Aisling (pronounced Ash-ling).
CraziestCat CraziestCat a year ago
O.o WOW..........I didn't expected that , so intense and why were they at a govenment property anyways?
_elsewhere _elsewhere a year ago
I NEED to know who it is.
Please please PLEASE write a sequel?
I was secretly hoping Dade would be killed... ;)
Now back to the point - WHO THE HELL IS THE MURDERER
I need answers you two! :D