I Hate Him..Now I'm Forced To Be His Girlfriend! FML!

After A Facebook Status written by Silver Granger gets out to the world it spreads a fake rumor about Jason Knight. A Celebrity She HATES. But In Order To Fix Things She Has To Pretend To Be His Girlfriend And He's A Jerk. This Should Be Fun Right?
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everyone loves pancakes except me I'm their mother so I'M INFATUATED WITH MY BABIES
lol she's very determined (she  does know that this could seriously make her ankle worse right?) though again. its very short
Upload soon!Love it and New tittle =).Srry bout how short mi story was =/ I had writers block=(
Funnii. Ah I was actually laughing at parts of this! Continue uploading my deary :)
UpDaTe SOON! (Like my upercase/lower case patter =)) Also I updated my storie,didnt know if yuh knew?
Facebook! It's kind of sad but funny at the same time. Love it, keep uploading. 
I always enjoy that message I get from you! :) 

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