I Hate Him..Now I'm Forced To Be His Girlfriend! FML!

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MusicGirl77 By MusicGirl77 Updated 2 years ago
After A Facebook Status written by Silver Granger gets out to the world it spreads a fake rumor about Jason Knight. A Celebrity She HATES. But In Order To Fix Things She Has To Pretend To Be His Girlfriend And He's A Jerk. This Should Be Fun Right?
Aimlessly Aimlessly 6 months ago
everyone loves pancakes except me I'm their mother so I'M INFATUATED WITH MY BABIES
fighterfemme fighterfemme 4 years ago
lol she's very determined (she  does know that this could seriously make her ankle worse right?) though again. its very short
LikkleAngel LikkleAngel 4 years ago
@FallenAmmix i completely agree!!!!! can't wait for more!!!!!!!!!!
ChloeLouise_91 ChloeLouise_91 4 years ago
@MusicGirl77 Your welcome...

I will check it out later xx